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The framework for personal data

Decorum helps developers build personalised applications that users can trust.

Whether you’re developing a product page, a hit mobile game or an online service, our meticulously designed APIs, tried and tested UX, and unmatched functionality abstract away the complexities of handling personal data and consent, letting you focus on building your core product and shipping faster.

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Decorum Consent Record UI

Developers first

We believe that protecting your users when managing personal data is a problem rooted in code, not legalese. We’re focused on finding elegant abstractions that enable robust, scalable and flexible integrations. Because we eliminate needless complexity and extraneous details, you can get up and running with Decorum in just a couple of minutes.

Decorum Form UI

Generating a Decorum form

// Presents the specified data input form to the user with consents
 consents: [
   title: "Delivery details",
   legal_text: "I consent to NewApp processing these detail in order to deliver my packages."
   consent_items: [
     type: "address",
     title: "What is your address?",
     placeholder: "e.g. Somerset House, London, UK"
     type: "textarea",
     title: "Additional delivery instructions",
     description: "E.g. let us know where to drop the package in case you’re not in."

Consent done right

Decorum’s configurable forms help you record personal information with consent and enable your users to review and edit their information at any time. Integrate crystal clear UI seamlessly with your application to make personal data visible, editable, and accessible for your users straight out of the box. Consents are managed too: Decorum handles opt-out requests and data access requests so that you don’t have to.

Decorum Consent Record UI

Auditable record of consent over time

Users can easily manage their consent

Automatically handles data opt-out and access requests

Encryption of personal data at rest

Decorum Consent Record UI

Simple integration

Decorum handles all the infrastructure required to store and manage personal data so there is no need for you to worry about spinning up and maintaining extra infrastructure.

As developers ourselves we aspire to make Decorum lightweight and simple to integrate without affecting the rest of your stack.

Benefits to your business

Lower cost

Implementing Decorum reduces development time and removes the need for specialist expertise.

Increased engagement

If users trust your online services they are more willing to engage with and recommend them to others.

Lower risk

Decorum’s encryption will reduce the risk of data breaches and data theft.

Higher productivity

Less time spent repeatedly solving problems around personal data management means more time spent building core business value.

Decorum wrapped up in a box

Give it a spin!

You can now get your hands on the BETA version of Decorum, simply follow the link below to get started!

Try the BETA

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